Awareness Materials

Awareness materials, tool kits, and other materials related to elder abuse for the public

Violence Against Older Persons Campaign by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Seniors Canada - general information on seniors issues and an entire section on elder abuse from the Government of Canada, including:

Elder Abuse is Wrong - a booklet by Justice Canada. This booklet is for older adults who may be suffering from abuse by someone they trust—it could be a partner or spouse, a family member, a caregiver, a service provider or another individual. This kind of abuse of intimacy or trust is wrong. People who know an older adult whom they believe may be abused may also find this booklet helpful.

View Elder Abuse PSA videos from the Ontario Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

"It's Not Right" - Neighbours, Friends, and Family for Older Adults
- This is a public education campaign to raise awareness of the signs of elder abuse so that those close to an at-risk senior can help. The campaign includes 3 brochures (downloadable .pdfs from their website or available to order in hard copy) entitled: “What You Can Do to Keep Yourself Safe From Abuse”; “How You Can Identify Abuse and Help Older Adults at Risk”; and “What You Can Do When Abuse or Neglect Is Happening to an Older Adult in Your Life."  For their Powerpoint presentation "How You Can Identify Abuse and Help Older Adults at Risk" with Newfoundland and Labrador resources inserted, click here.

Protecting Against Financial Abuse: A guide for older Albertans, their families, and friends from the Alberta Government. Although developed for Albertan seniors, this guide contains good, practical information that is applicable to all seniors.

Be a Savvy Senior: Fraud Protection Strategies for Seniors: This website from the Canadian Centre for Elder Law offers a series of educational tools to help seniors protect themselves against fraud. The tools identify some of the most common scams that con artists use these days to target seniors.

What Every Older Canadian Should Know About Powers of Attorney and Joint Bank Accounts: This comprehensive resource about powers of attorney and joint bank accounts is from the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors.

Elder Abuse Videos in American Sign Language:

Your Money Seniors from the Canadian Bankers Association

In November 2014, the Canadian Bankers Association launched its “Your Money Seniors” program. One component of this is a website ( with information aimed at seniors on Cash Management, Financial Abuse, and Fraud Prevention. Interested seniors groups can also request a “Your Money Seniors” seminar. (The program will link a seniors group with a local banker who can deliver the seminar.) To request a seminar, fill out the online request form found at or call the Canadian Bankers Association at 416-362-6093 x260.