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NLNPEA will continue to contribute to SeniorsNL's content-rich website, 

For an overview of NLNPEA check out this PDF Format of the NLNPEA Brochure (2018).

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Check out Finances, Legal, Elder Abuse, or In the Community - on "I am a Senior"

And the NEW NLNPEA webpage - on "I am a Service Provider"     

NLNPEA events
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NLNPEA is an integral part of SeniorsNL's efforts to create awareness and take action of elder abuse.


For Pictures of SeniorsNL sponsored WEAAD 2017 Events go to:

Mr. Paddy Daly Honorary SpokesPerson for NLNPEA's efforts to highlight World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Thank you to Mr. Paddy Daly, host of VOCM Open Line Show, for acting as the honorary spokesperson for the NL Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse in our efforts to recognize World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD).

Participants in SeniorsNL- Sponsored Events raised awareness of Elder Abuse, see WEAAD_in_NL

The world is talking about elder abuse!

The more we talk, the more we can heal, the more we can prevent!