Provincial Contacts/Resources

Who Can You Call If You Are In Immediate Danger?

Call 911 for emergencies or situations requiring the police.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing TTY: 1-800-363-4334

For your nearest RCMP detachment call: 1-800-709-7267, TTY 1-800-563-2172

Or for the RNC:
•    Northeast Avalon: 709-729-8000
•    Corner Brook 709-637-4100
•    Labrador City 709-944-7602
•    Churchill Falls 709-925-3524

Deaf/Hard of Hearing TTY 1-800-363-4334

Please DO NOT call 9-1-1 for any non-emergency matters. If you are not sure if your situation is an emergency its best to call 9-1-1 and let the experts decide.

Who can you call when in a crisis or feeling distressed (open 24 hours/day)?
•    Sexual Assault Crisis Line:
•    Mental Health Crisis Line:
•    National Residential School Survivors National Crisis Line:
1-866-925-4419 (also helps family members)

Who can you talk to about getting the help you need?
•    SeniorsNL Information and Referral Line:
1- 800-563-5599 (Toll free NL) and 709-737-2333 (St. John's area). This line is answered 8:30 am to 4:30 pm by seniors with training to help you find the supports you need.

Do you have legal issues?
•    Legal Aid Commission:
1-800-563-9911 Legal representation for people with low income; must meet certain eligibility requirements.
•   Public Legal Information Association of Newfoundland: (www. 1-888-660 7788 answers general legal questions; offers a lawyer referral service.
•    Victim Services: St. John’s
709-729-7970 (collect calls accepted) free help for adult victims of crime regardless of whether a charge is laid; also supports child victims or witnesses required to testify in a criminal matter; 11 offices province wide.

Contact your Regional Health Authority at
1-855-376-4957 (no long distance charges will apply) to report an adult who is at risk of abuse or neglect and who does not understand or appreciate that risk.

This provincial toll free number will refer you to your relevant
Regional Health Authority. For direct contact with your Regional Health Authority, please see regional contacts/resources.

For more information on supports in your area, please see regional contacts/resources